Wardens and Vestry (2018)

Tom Bisdale*, senior warden, class of 2019
Antonio Brugnoli, junior warden, class of 2020

Class of 2019
Cindy Waneck
Barbara Tait*
Randy Scott

Class of 2020
Larry Toppin*
Jim Freeman*
Akinola Okunlola*

Class of 2021
Miriam Colwell
Ken Weaver
Aelicia Yeates

Deputies to Diocesan Convention
Michael Rehill, class of 2021
Tom Bisdale, class of 2020
Mary Sunden*, class of 2019

Alternate Deputies to Diocesan Convention
Anne Tait, class of 2020
Miriam Colwell, class of 2020

Lay Representatives to District 9
1-year term
Thomas Bisdale, class of 2019
Larry Sunden, class of 2019

Terms run through January of year indicated.
* Incumbent ineligible for re-election