The first and great commandment: Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
– Matthew 22:37
Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.
– Matthew 6:21

AS WE SEEK to grow in grace and love, making God our heart’s desire, we naturally ask ourselves what God seeks from us. The Biblical witness is clear that the call to love our Lord includes a response on our part: returning time, talent, and treasure to the One who gives us so much.

Why do we ask for a financial commitment here at Grace Church?

1. We believe that individual spiritual growth means being good stewards of the riches and blessing that God gives us. Each of us has been blessed in many ways: family, health, skill, and time. We are all rich in financial resources compared to the rest of the world. God asks us to share our blessings—to give of the fullness of our lives so that others may live more fully.

2. We believe that God has raised up Grace Church for ministry in the Westwood area, North Jersey and the world. Whatever our blessings, making a commitment to further Grace’s ministry says: This is where my heart is. This is where my soul is fed. My heart and my soul are the core of my being, so I make a commitment here.

Why do we encourage tithing?

1. We respond with love because we are able to do so. The tithe is the Biblical standard of giving: returning to God ten percent of all He gives us. Proportionality is important. The earliest Biblical witness shows God’s people believing that the first ten-percent of all we have is holy. Having great blessings enables us to respond with generosity.

2. The tithe is a good benchmark to help us assess our priorities. As Jesus said, our hearts reside where our treasure is. Our goal is to make God our treasure, not the things of this world.

3. Acknowledging that good stewardship is an ongoing spiritual journey, we encourage all people to embrace the tithe as a goal, and to move closer to that goal every year. If you already tithe, don’t stop there, but continue to be challenged by God in this area. Think about what is important to you and balance it against this place that feeds your heart and soul, and also those in need.

If I make a financial commitment to Grace Church, where will my money go?

1. First and foremost your commitment supports the local mission and ministry of Grace Church.

2. Grace Church is strongly committed to outreach, and in 2006 we gave away 20 percent of our income (16 percent through the diocese and national church, 4 percent to immediate local needs). Imagine the ways that we could together be “salt and light” to the Pascack Valley and beyond if we were able to live into a vision of giving away one dollar for every dollar we spend on ourselves.

Please consider making a financial commitment to Grace Church as part of your response to God’s call to faithful stewardship.