Grace Notes

VOLUME 2, NUMBER 31, JUNE 26, 2011

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi
This Sunday marks the end of what is in many Anglo-Catholic parishes unofficially called "Procession-tide." We will celebrate the Solemnity of Corpus Christi this Sunday and for the fourth Sunday in a row our liturgy will feature a Solemn procession (during the 10am Mass), though in this case it will be near the end of the liturgy rather than at the beginning, and lead into Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

While Maundy Thursday celebrates (among other things) the institution of the Sacrament of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, Corpus Christi extends the Maundy Thursday celebration (which is why it is properly celebrated on the Thursday following Trinity Sunday—the first free Sunday after the Easter Season—even if it is usually transferred to the Sunday following) and celebrates specifically Christ’s presence in the Sacrament and our worship of that presence.

Sometime in the 13th century an Augustinian nun named Juliana, who had grown up with a special devotion to Christ’s presence in the Sacrament, reported to her confessor a vision of Christ in which she was instructed to petition for a feast of Corpus Christi. She had kept that recurring vision a secret for twenty years, but when she reported the vision to her confessor he reported it to the bishop.

The feast soon found a place in the calendar of a few dioceses. In 1264, after Juliana’s death, Pope Urban IV (who had been petitioned about the feast by Juliana before he became Pope) proclaimed the feast throughout the Western Church—in part because of the story of a Eucharistic miracle in which a consecrated host was reported to have bled. It became a mandatory feast in the Western Church in 1312.

The great theologian and Doctor of the Church, Saint Thomas Aquinas, chose the readings and composed the propers (the collect, introit, gradual, sequence, etc.) and music for this feast—including the well known Eucharistic Hymn Pange Lingua, which came to be used not only for this feast, but also on Maundy Thursday (as the Most Holy Sacrament is processed to the altar of repose) and at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

We will not process the Sacrament outside this year—the lack of a canopy and an adequate outdoor altar preclude it—but expect that to change next year. The outdoor procession is an important feature of this feast, the point of which is to proclaim to and share with the world the Church’s love and worship of Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. In the meantime I pray that we can make up for the lack of an outdoor procession by carrying the reality of the Sacrament in our own lives as we leave this place—Christ’s life broken and given away for the life of the world.

--Father Rhodes

SPECIAL CONCERT... Monday evening, June 27th, the North Carolina Boys Choir and Chamber Choir will perform here at Grace Church. Plan to be here to enjoy this special performance.

JACKALS BASEBALL GAME... Enjoy a fun evening of minor league baseball and fireworks on Saturday, July 16th. The Jackals will take on the Brockton Rox at 6:35pm at Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair. The game will be followed by spectacular fireworks. Tickets are $11 each. Speak with Jim Cloke for more information.

FOOD FOR FRIENDS... Summer means that school is out. The kids may like this but parents who cannot make ends meet and who must depend on school breakfasts and lunches for their children’s nutrition are pinched harder than ever. We may expect then an increase in the number of parents who must turn to places like St. Paul’s Community Development Corporation Food Pantry, which receives our Food for Friends donations. St. Paul’s especially welcomes high protein items, such as beans and canned meats. Otherwise, their wish list asks specifically for tuna, cereal, peanut butter, rice, coffee, and pasta. Alternatively checks may be drawn in favor of St. Paul's Community Development Corporation and marked Food Pantry. Please send checks directly to St. Paul’s at 451 Van Houten Street, Paterson, NJ 07501. Thank you.

The Social Action Committee and
Sisterhood of Congregation B’nai Israel in Emerson
are sponsoring a

Rummage Sale

Sunday, June 26

11 am-4 pm

All Proceeds will go to
Community Hospice of Bergen County,
a not-for-profit hospice whose mission is
to provide passionate, palliative, end-of-life care.

For more information contact Linda at 201 491-3931,
Renee at or

Ministers of the Assembly

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MP Officiant and LEM (8 am) Charles KeilL/M Sunden
Lay EucharisticDebbi GellerEvans Roache
Ministers (10 am)Theresa PeterJohn Schneider
LectorElaine MartinMiriam Colwell
Intercessor (Prayers) Aki OkunlolaRandy Scott
Chief ServerIy Okunlola
AcolytesJustin Hirstius
Bunmi Okunlola
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